Eyewear Care

After purchasing fine eyewear we want you to be aware of how to properly care for both the frame and lenses.



The quality of your vision is largely dependent upon how clean and clear your lenses are. Lens maintenance should thus be an important part of your daily routine. Here are a few simple rules:

  • When possible always use a clean cleaning cloth that is specially designed for your eyewear
  • Avoid using Kleenex, paper towels, other paper products, or materials with potentially rough fibers that may scratch the lenses.
  • Clean your lenses daily under warm water with a small amount of mild liquid dish soap. Then use an optical cleaning cloth to dry the lenses.



The lifetime of your frame is dependent on how well you take care of them. Here are a few suggestions to increase the life span of your frame:

  • Always take your eyewear off with both hands to prevents stretching one side of the frame.
  • Don’t leave your frame in areas where they are exposed to extreme heat or cold, such as car dashboards.
  • Have your eyewear fitted and adjusted periodically to maintain proper alignment.

These steps are also important to maintain the Bell Family Eye Care lens and frame warranty.