We have a great selection of eyewear and cases from all the top designers


Contact Lenses

Most of our contacts come in one of three wearing styles: extended wear for those who want to sleep in their lenses, daily wear lenses for those who feel more comfortable taking them out at night, and daily disposables for the best comfort and convenience. There are multifocal lenses that allow comfortable lenses at all distances and monovision, where one eye is for distance and the other eye for either near or intermediate. We also have special lenses called toric lenses that correct for most levels of astigmatism.

Whether you want an option of glasses or contact lenses to suit your lifestyle, give us a call and Dr. Bell can fit you into the perfect lenses for you.

Prescription Eye Wear

Bell Family Eye Care carries a wide selection of specialty and designer eyewear to fit every budget and personality.

If you are looking for that frame that really typifies who you are– we have it. We have a high index lens to reduce lens thickness for people with higher prescriptions. We also carry the newest in shatterproof lenses for kids and active adults.

For those who are struggling with reading, we have a variety of options to make your life more functional at variable distances. Are you tired of looking around the line in your bifocals! Want to have various ranges of near, intermediate and distance vision? The progressive addition lens, also known as a no-line bifocals, may be the solution for a better appearance and improved functionality. For those of you who want to wear the smaller trendy frames, we also carry progressives specially designed for those small stylish frames.

We also carry a variety of specialty lens choices designed for the office setting. The Office Lens is our most popular option. Specifically designed for your computer visual needs this option is ideal for those of you who spend at least 5 or more hours a day in front of a computer screen. By reducing the need for constant re-focusing you can work comfortably, longer, and increase your effective working time.


Our sunglasses provide the best in eye protection while allowing you to show your personal style.

Bell Family Eye Care carries a wide selection of specialty and designer sun wear ideal for our mountain lifestyles.

Our sun wear selections feature the best in UV protection. We offer both Polaroid and photochromic lens (Self-darkening) options and a variety of different colors and hues designed to enhance your vision regardless of what environment you are in.

Many of our selections also allow us to put your prescription in the lenses without sacrificing style or protection. We can customize sunwear to meet your specific recreational needs.