Contact Lenses

Bell Family Eye Care carries a wide variety of contact lenses especially suited for our mountain environment.

Due to our high altitude and relative low humidity not all contacts fit well or feel comfortable here so we have tailored our selections to fit your needs. There are various options in the fitting of your contact lenses as well. Most of our contacts come in one of three wearing styles: extended wear for those who want to sleep in their lenses, daily wear lenses for those who feel more comfortable taking them out at night, and daily disposables for the best comfort and convenience.

Whether you want to get rid of your glasses or try a contact lens more suited to your lifestyle, give us a call and Dr Bell can fit you into the perfect lenses for you.

For those who are 38 and older who are noticing blurred vision while reading we have two choices to enhance your vision. There are multi-focal lenses that allow comfortable lenses at all distances and monovision, where one eye is for distance and the other eye for either near or intermediate. We also have special lenses called toric lenses that correct for most levels of astigmatism and of course, we also carry traditional lenses.